Samstag, 1. März 2014

Can I Really Sell My House Fast?

All too frequently in today's new world economy homeowners find that they can no longer afford their house payments. No matter what help the lender might or might not provide, sometimes it's too difficult. In cases like this, they need to sit back and say, "I need to sell my house fast".

This is absolutely a buyer's market, one of the strongest and most aggressive in recent decades. Buyers have their choice of homes all over. They don't need to settle. There are all sorts of beautiful city flats and spacious country estates from which to choose. You need to be able to compete with these homes! That might very well mean spending money on repairs and upgrades, or you could very well find that the bank wins!

One area often overlooked is the exterior. Many homeowners run around inside painting and cleaning carpeting while ignoring the fact that the shutters are falling off, the shrubs are overgrown, the grass is brown, and the garden is full of weeds. The last thing you want is a buyer to pull up outside and decide not to even come in!

Wash the windows and consider buying a new front door. Consider painting shutters, or even power cleaning brick and stone.

Now, pay attention to inside. Paint in a bright cheery color all over! Replace faucets, and sinks, if at all possible. Scrub tile, floors and carpeting. Upgrade appliances and refinish hardwood.

Next, take away the emotional attachment you have with your home and price it to sell. The better the price, the faster you can sell it. Buyers have too many well priced homes to choose from, and they don't care about your finances or needs. If you can't give them what they want, someone else will.

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